When nothing seems to help after a concussion

There is still realistic hope. With the latest insights it is possible to make progress. Fortunately, with this knowledge, we have been able to help hundreds of clients over the years to reclaim their lives.

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We will help you create a path to recovery. With extensive analysis of your situation, we will create your custom plan. Based on where you are on the recovery path, we will decide which route will work best for you.  

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Arjan Kuipers (functional neurologist) has seen hundreds of concussion cases throughout his life. Over years, he noted the importance of a recovery plan. We're here to help! Get started with a free Zoom call. 

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The Brain Rehab Concussion Treatment Plan  

After 30 years of clinical experience and over 35 years of education (neurology, movement, chiropractic, neuroscience), I can reasonably say that I know a thing or two about brain injury. As you may know, I have personally experienced the devastating results of several concussions in my mother’s life. This turned out to be my big reason I am doing this: it’s why I made finding better solutions for the effects after brain injury my life’s purpose. 

 The neurologist or family physician may say “based on your scan and medical testing, nothing is wrong with you. You have to be patient and everything will be alright over time.”


Why then do you still have extreme tiredness, fatigue, low energy levels, balance problems, tinnitus, you cannot stand light and sound, you can’t sit behind your computer for very long, still have headaches and cannot get back to work or social situations, just to name but a few...? 

 I get so frustrated when my clients (and I mean 95% of them) tell me that the medical professional told them bluntly, after minimal investigation: “we cannot find anything wrong with you”.

What they should have said instead is:

“It is our job to rule out permanent damage or life threatening situations or any underlying disease. We have done so and luckily we couldn’t find any. However that does not mean that nothing is wrong. In a significant number of people that suffered a brain injury there is a lot of scientific evidence for low grade brain inflammation, circulation problems (decreased neurovascular coupling), micro damage in white matter, cellular energy problems to name a few of the things that can give lasting problems. Because these are mostly functional problems we cannot do something at this time. Please find someone to address these issues who can help you further."  

 If you search the scientific literature it becomes crystal clear that there is no such thing as a clear cut one size fits all solution. That is probably also the frustrating part that you, as someone with brain injury, can experience on a daily basis. 

 Better solutions will in most cases come in the form of a multi-disciplinary approach addressing interplay between neck, balance system, eye functionality and head, weak brain areas, issues like circulation problems, brain inflammation, energy problems but also stress management (because the fight or flight system is overactivated) and believes and attitudes towards recovery. 

 Although we are always limited to the knowledge and insights that are available at any time, this is what’s underlying the science based concussion improvement program that we have developed over the years. Although we literally have helped hundreds of people overcome the lasting symptoms  after brain injury such as concussion, we also are very aware that we still do not have the perfect answer yet to solve everyone's problems. This for us is an ongoing process. We believe strongly in the Japanese word “Kaizen”, meaning “continuous improvement”. And that is exactly what we have done: we have continuously improved this program. All is based on the latest cutting edge science, new insights and improvement comments that we get from our clients. 


Arjan Kuipers

Diplomat status with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (ACNB) since 1997

Official member of the International Association for Functional Neurology (IAFNR)

DC, MNeuroSc(c), BSc, DACNB, FACFN, spFEAC, CPN, CPE Specialized Chiropractor

Consultant Applied Clinical Neuroscience


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Jun 27, 2021